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hey kids my name is dalila im 19  i live in louisville ky, where a friend and i own and run a venue called the revolver.
tunes i like:
emery, mewithoutyou, texas is the reason, twothirtyeight, brandtson, massive attack, the chariot, denali, the prom, the promise ring, the beautiful mistake, lovedrug, training for utopia, coolhandluke, deathcab for cutie, six parts seven....

Aplea for purging: 3/4/05

Finding steve cunningham: 3/4/05

Heal: 9/6/04

Moby and the Slicks: 9/6/04

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wow that's crazy, you're just 19 and you own and run a venue, I'm jealous, that's awesome!
aw thankx this is my second venue. the guy i run it with has also had a few.
how far is louisville from bowling green, ky????

2 1/2 to 3 hours i believe