we are in the pit and holding onto our cameras for dear life.

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::post your show pics here. be creative. be original. be nice.


::when you join, introduce yourself, post 5-10 of your best show pics, and 1 or 2 of yourself. include the following info *the introductory post is optional*.
...fav bands:

::put EVERYTHING behind an LJ-CUT or i will kill you. seriously. if you break this rule I WILL PUT IT BEHIND AN LJ CUT FOR YOU. if you do a *teaser pic* the MAX pixel size it can be is 300x600. thats 300 wide, 600 tall. i don't want to be a dick about it but huge pics screws up people's friends page and thats not cool.

::please don't promote unrelated communities.

::comment on everybody's stuff! leave feedback, and don't be a dick.

::use a reliable photo hosting service that allows remote linking. if you don't know alot about that kind of stuff or how to post pics in LJ or anything like that, check the LJ FAQ. for photo hosting, i recommend photobucket.com for a free site or if you take alot of pics, check out fotki.com. they allow remote linking and offer unlimited space for photo hosting. thats what i use.

::this comm is for primarily posting show pics, but occasionally, other artsy stuff is fun too. keep in mind what this comm was made for though...

::don't forget to include the band's name and the date they played and where, if you have the information...

::this comm is primarily for posting original pictures, but if you do post someone else's pics, YOU BETTER FUCKING GIVE THEM CREDIT because if you don't that is extremely lame.

::PROMOTE! invite friends! the more the merrier, right?